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Wednesday, January 11th, 2017 

The start of 2017 academic year can be a wonderful time of new beginnings, especially for first-year students who are entering a new phase of their lives. As they start college life, new students typically are excited to explore their surroundings and meet new people.

Unfortunately, the start of new semester also brings with its reasons for caution. If not careful, most first year students end up losing direction.

“In the midst of the excitement at the beginning of a new year, it is important to remember to pay attention to your studies,” Fr. Michael Mbandama said, emphasizing that the most important component of spending successful years at Don Bosco College is to stay focused.
Don Bosco College began its new term for the engineering section and the new semester for the commercial section on 9th January 2017 with almost 360 new first year students joining the 980 continuing students.
As per tradition, the College had opening mass which was celebrated by the rector, Fr. Alexander Kim.

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016 

A total of 70 new students from different parts of Malawi have been enrolled at the Don Bosco Technical Institute for the July-December 2016 Semester. This followed the college entrance examinations that were held on 13th June at the college campus.

The college conducted the examinations to select the candidates for Hospitality Management(HM) and Accountancy courses for the academic year 2016/2017.Out of the 70 students,51 students will be pursuing ICM qualifications while the remaining 19 students will pursue an ICAM qualification.

“Am happy today to have secured a place to study accountancy at Don Bosco, I previously attended the entrance examinations at a certain college but I was not successful,” said Youngson Chinula.” I will put all my effort in my studies”.

Thandi Chanika from area 23 was also over the moon after she passed the entrance examination and would not let go without expressing it, “I feel good and I will work hard to be like my sister who is my role model and currently works as a chef”.

The whole examination process was not hectic as there was great coordination among all staff, the marking of the scripts was fast and professionally done according to Mr. Precious Chilupsya, ICT Instructor and coordinator for the June 2016 entrance examinations.

The next entrance examinations for all the courses at the institute will be held on 13th December 2016 and interested candidates are already collecting registrations forms from the institute’s offices in Lilongwe, Area 23.

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016 

The Annual Feast of Mary Help of Christian inter-section competition was held on Friday 27 May 2016 at the Savio Multipurpose hall.

Fashion Arts & Beauty - The winners

Fashion Arts & Beauty – The winners

7 sections battled it out for the top honors with the Fashion Arts & Beauty emerging as the 2016 Winners. The newly crowned Champion remains the only section to have won both the Don Bosco and Mary Help of Christian Feasts Competitions within the same academic year/calendar.

The winners FAB, The runners up Construction are both from the engineering Department while the Accountancy section from the Commercial Department scoped the third Position. The sections went home with assorted prizes.

For the past years that the Competition has been running,it has brought not only excitement and thrills but also has

managed to bring the people together and exposed some of the hidden talents that the college possesses.



Construction - 2nd Place

Construction – 2nd Place

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016 

After the last of the nine-day novena that started on 13th May, The Salesian community, staff members and students of Don Bosco College gathered at Don Bosco Woyera Parish to kick start the Cerebrations for the feast of the blessed mother, Mary Help of Christian.

Fr. Alexander Kim was the main celebrant of the Mass, with Fr. Michael Mbandama as co-celebrant.

“We have to trust her to continue to give us her protection and become more faithful to her and to Jesus. We just continue to pray and honor her,” Fr. Kim said.

During the mass, offertory and various gifts were offered as a way of showing appreciation to God for the gift of Mary to the church.

Wednesday, May 25th, 2016 


Mr H. Kananji - staff rep

Mr H. Kananji – staff rep

The Don Bosco Staff members recently elected the new Staff representative months after the post fell vacant with the departure of Mr. Moses Changa Banda.

Fr. Michael Mbandama, the principal of the college announced the final results on the same day that the elections were held. 31 members casted their votes during the highly contended two-round voting process which saw Mr. Kananji coming out victorious, beating the other contestants.

In his acceptance speech, the newly elected staff representative thanked all the members who participated in the voting process, “I thank you all my fellow staff members for voting me into this office although I would have loved to see a lady holding this position as a way of promoting the 50-50 gender campaign, but since you have entrusted me in this office, I accept the position with thanks and let us work together”.

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014 

Don Bosco Youth Technical Institute in partnership with IICD of the Netherlands are set to bring a new age where learning and teaching is digital. In a new project, Don Bosco and IICD have introduced state-of-the-art hand-held computers that will shape teachers in primary schools and pupils into a generation that ably fit into the ever-growing digital information world.

Tsabango 1 Primary School is the first beneficiary primary school in Lilongwe rural east. The school officially received 10 TeachTabs [tablet computers for the teachers] and 30 LearnTabs [tablet computers for the learners].

“Tsabango pupils, teachers and the community around are the luckiest,” remarked the head teacher for the school Mr Christford Kadzipatira in his welcome remarks while reminiscing his primary and secondary school days as well as college days when they never had access to such sophisticated gadgets to aid their education.

To echo what the IICD Technical Advisor Solutions and Inovations Maurizio Bricola said; the project coordinator Patrick Muhime, expressed contentment as the tablets will add excitement and fun to the learning process. He also invited all teachers at the school, pupils and people from the community to take part in ensuring total security of the gadgets so that many pupils may benefit from such a project.

The TeachTabs for the teachers are installed with all necessary tools for teaching as well as monitoring and control tools which will help them see what the pupils are doing without physically checking on pupils’ LearnTabs. Currently, teachers at Tsabango 1 primary school are set to start trainings which will be conducted by Don Bosco Youth Technical Institute in order to enable them ably handle the versatile devices in a class session.

exploring the LearnTabexcitement with the LearnTab

already getting excited with the LearnTabs

teachers' survey5

teachers' survey1teachers' survey2

teachers' survey3teachers' survey4

tsabango 1 teachers taking an online survey before training starts

Friday, May 23rd, 2014 

The first word a baby learns soon after birth is ‘Mama’, it sparkles with joy at the mention of it, grows into man/woman but still living with it, in old age he/she dies with it and when in pain, surprisingly he/she cries with the same word ‘Mama’. “You are either born from a woman or you are a woman”, so they say to explain the significance of a mother in every person’s life.

The holy scriptures speak of a wedding in the town of Cana in Galilee, Jesus’ mother was there for the wedding and so was Jesus. The wine which they had prepared had just given out, and they needed wine so that people may enjoy at the wedding. Jesus’ mother saw the need and intervened. At her intervention, there was plenty and the sweetest ever wine which Jesus had provided through a miracle. Mother Mary’s intervention brought a lot of joy to all the people present.

Thus the church celebrates the feast of Mary Help of Christians, the virgin who said YES and through that our salvation came. What is your “YES” and what is my “YES”?

Saturday, March 29th, 2014 

It became a hot contention when the days drew closer towards the elections date. The battle for the hot seats reached at the peak when the debate club conducted a Presidential debate on 19th March, 2014 in the Don Bosco Youth Centre multipurpose hall.  The hall was jam-packed and the aspiring presidential candidates took their seats at around 2 pm. Each section had a representative except Hotel and Catering Management section.

left to Right: Beatrice Kachedzula, Robert Masankhula, Debra Chirwa, McBen Mailosi, Neves Kachigamba, Natasha Mhone (Presidential Aspirants during debate)

The debate had three sections. Firstly, the candidates were asked questions by the debate club members, then the audience (students gathered in the hall) then lastly the instructors. It was exciting to see how candidates were expressing their views on the general issues as they were responding to the questions. Some of the hot issue includes; sanitation and punctuality. Surely the debate was the right opportunity for the candidates to expose their leadership capabilities.  The debate gave the students to know whom to vote on the elections day. It was really an issue-based campaign and students were satisfied with the way the debate was conducted.

On elections day, final preparations were done in time. Each section had an electoral observer (student). The elections started at around 12:15 pm and finished at around 1:00 pm. The vote counting commenced just after elections. It took almost 2 hours for the counting to be done.

On Monday 24th March 2014, during the morning assembly, the Chief Commissioner, Mr. Paul Thaulo announced the results as follows:

PRESIDENT: Beatrice Kachedzula

VICE PRESIDENT: Robert Masankhula

SECRETARY: Fabiano Nyirenda



The elections were declared FREE and FAIR by the Don Bosco Electoral Commission and Electoral observers as well as the School management.

By  Paul Thaulo.

Monday, February 17th, 2014 

At 9:00am, on 15th of February 2014, parents for the first year students at Don Bosco College gathered to hear about the College’s activities and program. There were over 200 parents and guardians present on the day.


 The meeting started with the prayer by Bro. Robert Malusa. The director of ceremonies and head of Engineering Section, Mr. Moses Banda invited Fr. Michael for opening remarks. In his remarks, the Principal welcomed all parents and guardians and thanked them for coming to the meeting. He took the opportunity to inform all parents that he would be leaving for a meeting in Rome for two months and that in his absence, Bro. Robert will be acting.

 Mr. Ken Mlima, the Head of Academics talked about the academic procedures. He read all the rules and regulations for the school. Later the Public Relations Officer, Mr. Joseph Phelatu took over with the school program and activities. Then Mr. Patrick Masala came in with the issues regarding tuition and examination fees.

 After all the inputs, parents and guardians were given chance to ask questions. Finally one parent was given time to speak on behalf of all parents. In his remarks he thanked the management for the particular way of running the college which is very different from all other colleges in Malawi. He further requested the management to upgrade the teachers so as to allow the students get even higher qualifications.

 The meeting ended at 12:00 noon with the prayer by one of the parents. Later parents were taken to see various classrooms and workshops where students learn.

Friday, February 14th, 2014 

“Give me Souls,… take away the Rest…”

It was on 31st January when students gathered in the newly build church at 8:00 am for the Holy Mass to mark the beginning of the feast of Don Bosco. The mass was presided over by Fr. Michael, who is the Principal of the College. In his speech Fr. Michael narrated the biography of St. Don Bosco which he asked the congregation to emulate his example. The school choir and the liturgical dancers spiced the ceremony with their well prepared songs.


The Mass was followed by the quiz headed by Mr. Banda an Electrical Engineering Instructor. The entire sections par took the quiz and Accountancy, Hospitality Management and Information Technology managed to take the first, second and third positions respectively.


Activities after the quiz made the day even more entertaining. The Master of ceremonies, Mr. Precious Chilupysa called the sections in order of the program as follows; Automechanics, Accountancy, Electrical Engineering, Information Communication Technology, Fashion Arts & Beaut, Hospitality Management and Construction. The activities were enriched by the individual activities in between.


At 1:00pm, all students and staff gathered in the dining hall for lunch and were served with delicious meal. Befitting with the celebration, first year students and the continuing students participated in different sporting activities. Continuing students proved to be victorious in all games that were played. The games included; football, volleyball, basketball and netball.