2024 Don Bosco Feast

Friday 2nd February, the eagerly anticipated 2024 feast of Don Bosco took place, and it certainly did not disappoint. The celebrations committee, led by chairperson Mrs. Edna Supuni, announced the top three winning sections today during the morning assembly.

Mrs. Supuni began by expressing her heartfelt appreciation for the active participation and exemplary behavior displayed by the Don bosco staff members and students throughout this year’s festivities.

After building up the suspense, Mrs. Supuni finally announced the top three winning sections. Taking the coveted first place was the Accountancy section. Following closely behind was the Auto Mechanics section, securing a well-deserved second place. And finally, the Tailoring Fashion and Designing section rounded out the top three. The winners were awarded various prizes as a token of appreciation.

The competition was fierce, with each section vying for the top spot. The winners secured a remarkable 80 points, while the runners-up were just a point behind with 79 points. The third-place winners earned a commendable 78 points, making it evident that every point counted in this closely contested competition.

The section activities were crafted around the theme “The dream that makes you dream.” This theme served as the foundation for the performances and presentations, allowing each section to showcase their interpretation of the theme through their unique talents and skills.

A panel of esteemed judges, consisting of Brother Paul Ntchima, Mr. Enerst Nyirenda, Miss Tiyamike Bottomani, and Mr. Headson Chisi, evaluated each section’s performance. Points were awarded based on creativity in relation to the theme, uniformity, confidence, dressing, and overall presentation by the performing group members.

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