By Rajab Kazembe (Writers Club)


at the assembly

A lot has been said during the Morning Talks at the assembly either from our lectures or from the members of the Salesian Community.

Some talks were inspiring and others were just for fun, the list below includes some of the memorable quotes ;

  • “Too much forgiveness creates room for disorder”,- Father Micheal Mbandama,The Principle.
  • “No matter how far you have gone with the wrong way, you have to turn back and take the right way “,-Mr Ken Mlima,The Vice Principle.
  • “You only lose when you give up”,-Mr. Yanjanani Namitowa,ICT Instructor.
  • Remember that those people we meet on our way up, we will also meet them on our way down”-Miss Monique Mwansa, Accountancy Instructor.
  • “We have to look for the black goat when there is still light”- Mr. Fanuel Vasco Nyirenda, ICT Instructor
  • “Success is always surrounded by thorns and its not easy to get through” –Mr. Kananji, Construction Instructor.

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