Project application 

Give a chance to the Young people:

Further Development on Training of computer engineering

at Don Bosco Youth Technical Institute 


Project Details

The concept of this project is based on the activities and the experience of an information technology education project in Ghana, which has been supported by Jugend Eine Welt since two years. Thanks to this project young Ghanaians facing financial disadvantages have been able to absolve a Vocational Training as Computer Technicians and to become employees.

Nowadays Information System is a very important part of an efficient economical and social system in the whole world. Computer technology is the necessary basis of this system. As Malawi faces a lack of IT-experts, many European, American and Asian specialists have come to work there. Nevertheless, the Malawian economy is in an urgent need of further IT-experts. That is exactly what the project is determined for. 

The DBYTI previously was providing two year computer training. The instructed knowledge though did not suffice to get a job as a computer technician. For this reason talented students should get the opportunity to absolve an additional year which will be focused on Network- and System-administration. The training will be finished by the MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional), an international appreciated high-grade certificate. In cooperation with companies the students will be introduced to the labour market.

Two experts from Austria, Thomas Strasser and Christoph Dinhobl, have been assisting the Salesians in Lilongwe, to execute this project. They already have experience in a similar project. 2006, in Ghana they established a department for Hard- and Software in a Technical Institute run by the Salesians of Don Bosco. There they were faced with the assignment to generate income and to establish an official certification centre.

Now the latest department is running very well. The classes are full and ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence) courses and examinations for internal and external interested students take place. The new established EDP services firm, where the students achieve external jobs, shows the first profits.

Thomas Strasser is specialized on interconnected computer systems. He is going to lead the expert further development. Christoph Dinhobl is going to be the project controller. He is going to manage the planning, organizing, preparation, reworking, adjusting and recording.


The MCP-Olympics started on 05th January, 2009 with 15 athletes on board for the marathon 12 Students and 3 Instructors. As beginners it was not that easy for them to understand Managing and Maintaining Windows Server 2003 Environment, (Exam 70-290), however, gradually, they catch up, and all of them passed the MCP Exam.

The next group started in July, 2009 with 16 Students and they intend to sit for MCP Examination in December, 2009. This class is managed by the Local Instructors who were training by Thomas Strasser, who is now back to Austria.



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