MCP Brian Banda

Dear  The Principal (Bro. Walter),

Joyful greetings to you, our dear Principal.

There are so many worlds of words that can express who Brian Banda was/is and will be.  

 Joining Don Bosco Youth Technical Institute is one of the tremendous decisions I have ever made as a being. Even though it was through ups and downs, determination made me stand film to fully fulfill my dreams in glamour colors. 

Three years of hard-working and vision has made me a responsible young man. Given a chance, I choose ICT, now am almost to the top (The best is yet to come). 

Currently, I am working for OIBM as an IT Support Engineer, and also I own a fast-growing ICT-Business. 

Let me acknowledge the unfailing togetherness of the Salesian family, ALL Sponsors, and DBYTI staff members, and past/present students. This unison will always conceive the best for GOD is in control 

To the students they should know that the world out here is real, there is a lot of potential only if we build a film foundation.  The best place to this is DBYTI, for this I can testify. This is the time they can determine their future. 

Thanks for the achievement, I am ready to raise the DBYTI banners high. 

Above all, thanks to Don John Bosco for The Dream.   

Past Student; Brian Banda.

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