Country Representative Mrs. Amy Rumano and Br. Walter Principal of Don Bosco College at the Symposium.

Catholic Relief Services in collaboration with the Government of Malawi Ministry of Education Science and Technology, the Ministry of Gender, Child and Community Development together with The Episcopal Conference of Malawi conducted a three days symposium on ‘Solidarity in Action to improve Education in Malawi.

Don Bosco College took active part in the event by attending the sessions of informative presentations and lively panel discussion and setting up an exhibition to take participants through a Gallery walk together with twelve other institutions.


The Catholic Church contributed to the literacy in Malawi since its origin. Though the education sector is overwhelmed with challenges, the faith based schools continue to perform relatively well and play a major part to compliment Government efforts in areas of:

          Assess and Equity

          Quality and Relevance and

          Management and Governance  in Primary and Secondary Schools with valid interventions in ‘ promoting Child Friendly Schools’, ‘Early Childhood Development’ and ‘ Mobilizing local communities to support education’.

Don Bosco Technical College contributes in the field of skill training through Technical and Vocation Education. In the past ten (10) years Don Bosco College‘s intervention constituted of:

          Formal Technical Training and Vocational Education

          Non Formal skills training at community level

          Community and Schools improvement programmes

The Symposium came at the right time when there is great awareness of poor education conditions and an awakening will to improve the education situation in Malawi. Hope this Symposium and the initiative of CRS will bring positive change. Don Bosco Technical College wants to play a role and be part of this change.

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