The 2010 CompTIA N+ Olympic started on January 11th with Mr. Pacifique Niyibizi, the Domain Controller and the 20 of us members of the Domain. It was not easy for us to adopt the changes, everything was new to us. Since we joined IT at Don Bosco College we never had such an idea of fully achieving what we now talk of; all in all Team work was the best Ideal to reach the top where we are. Mr. Ethian Harneck took over when Mr. Pacifique Niyibizi left.

At the college campus is now like the popular songs that even those who don’t like music they still sing, thinking that it is an easy go exam. All has been so by putting God’s name first and following the schools’ Motto “hard work and vision”, attendance and determination. Indeed when you need something all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it and to realize one’s destiny it is person’s real obligation. “Students are would like to express their sincere gratitude to the school”; Don Bosco IT-department specifically, Mr. Ethian Harneck, Mr. Precious Chilupysa, Mr. Peter Lungu, Mr. Kondwani Malimba, Miss Maria from Austria,Mr. Pacifique Niyibizi for material support, Parents for financial and other presents we do not take it for granted. 



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