Every academic year in Don Bosco Youth Technical Institute, students usher in a new regime of the student’s union/council. This academic year 2010-2011 welcomed a new regime of enthusiastic and charismatic leaders. Along with this exercise of electing leaders , the students union together with the patron and matron organizes a leadership seminar  to help equip the new leader s with some skills to organize and orient their subordinates ‘ energy to a common end, for this is what leadership is all about.

The seminar ran from the 1st – 2nd April, 2011 at Don Bosco. The facilitators covered the following topics: Leadership style and characteristics, communication and leadership, Time management and leadership, motivation and leadership and leading the Don Bosco way.

The facilitators: Br. Joseph, Br. Kennie, Miss Chrissy Chindole, Miss Maria Pflügler, Mr. Muhime and Miss Angelika Färber identified the topics that were in the seminar as the most crucial in student leadership in the college.

At the end of the seminar one the interviewed student said, he learnt a lot of skills e.g. how to handle problems of fellow students, how to pass judgment on critical student issues and different approaches to problem solving.

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