Mr Yusuf Olela on arrival at the square

A total of 193 students graduated with diplomas during the 18th graduation ceremony that was held at Don Bosco Youth Technical Institute campus on Friday 9th November in Area 23, Lilongwe district.


Out of 193 students, 68 were male and 125 were females. They graduated in different trades such as Accountancy, Automobile Mechanics, Bricklaying, Electrical Engineering, Fashion, Arts & Beauty, Hospitality Management and Information & Communication Technology.


15 students were presented with awards recognizing their special attributes at the college either through academics, English speaking, punctuality and sports. The awardees were;


Academic Awards;Tasokwa Mwawungulu,Godfrey Malenga,Lovemore Chingoka,Gift Chilale,Njaliwe Simango,Alinafe Kamphawa and Pempho Bandah.


Best English Speakers; Hope Scot, Njaliwe Simango, Patience Zulu.


Punctuality Award; Chrissy Makwecha


Sports Awards; Praise Mwandira as best volleyballer, Maria Tsakama as best netballer and Paul Chikometsa as best footballer.



The graduating student’s representative, Ireen Kanduku, appreciated and thanked the principal, the entire administration, the staff members as well as parents, guardians and sponsors for their endless efforts towards the achievement of the Graduates.


“We thank you for you never gave up on us but kept pushing until you unlock all the potential we are capable of because a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle,” she said.


On the other hand, Mr. Owen Mkwinda, the board chair said he was proud of the graduating students.


“Today we say goodbye to our dear students who have successfully completed their studies as they move confidently into another exciting phase of their life, we congratulate you and wish you well with values that Don Bosco Youth Technical Institute shared with you,” he said.


The principal of the College, Fr. Michael Mbandama, said that change is inevitable.


“Change is inevitable except for a vending machine, if you do not want to change you will be a vending machine,” he said.


He said it is inevitable that structures, processes and relationships will change in a day to day lives.


He also added that life will a little bit become shaky but that’s the way how life goes.


“You are not going to get very far in life based on what you already know, you are going to advance in life by what you are going to learn after leaving here”.


The guest of honor on the day, the chief executive officer for Sunbird tourism plc, Mr. Yusuf Olela congratulated the Salesians of Don Bosco and the Church for their tremendous role of educating and empowering young people to become self-reliant, honest citizens and good leaders of our society.


Mr. Olela applauded the graduating students for their achievements.


“It was not an easy road as at some point some would lose hope but you never gave up and here we are jubilating”.


He also advised the Graduands to not only seek employment but to create jobs for themselves and others.


“Think outside of the box, venture into entrepreneurship and practice the skills you learnt at school”.


The College started in the year 2000 with the aim of training young people in various technical skills and so far over 2000 students have graduated from the Institution.


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