After unveiling the bursary programme in T/A Tsabango area, it was the turn for people of T/A kalolo area to hear the good news of the bursary programme from Don Bosco Youth Technical Institute representatives. The programme is supported through the Skills and Technical Education Programme (STEP), an initiative partially implemented by UNESCO with funding from the EU.

Gathered under a tree in Senior Chief Kalolo’s compound, the 40 chiefs who attended the meeting expressed happiness when Mr. Kabanga disclosed that Villages under T/A Kalolo are going to benefit from the bursary programme that was launched on 11th March which is going to assist vulnerable people to acquire various technical skills.

Senior Chief Kalolo conveyed his joy by thanking Don Bosco College and its partners for considering his area to be one of the few areas selected to benefit from the bursary program.

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“I thank Don Bosco College for this kind of programme that is going to assist the vulnerable people in my area”, Chief Kalolo said.


Concurring with Senior Chief Kalolo,Senior group Zambo said this project has come on time.

“the bursary project has come at appropriate time, currently the economic status for the orphans, widows, albinos and people living with HIV is pathetic”, she said.   Senior group Zambo believes that once the programme roll out, the economic status of the vulnerable people from T/A Kalolo area will be uplifted.

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