Theme song performed by the Staff members

Don Bosco Youth Technical Institute celebrated the feast of Don Bosco under the theme “Good Christians and upright Citizens” at Don Bosco Campus on Friday 31st January 2020.

Speaking in interview, Fr. Michael Mbandama, The Principal, described this year’s feast celebration activities as memorable.

“The 20th feast of Don Bosco has brought us to a very big new beginning as we are going towards the 25 years existence in Malawi. It is unforgettable as the past pupils were involved in various activities starting on Thursday to motivate the current students, it’s like going back to the roots in order to realize the future”, he said.

Fr. Michael also pointed out the significance of celebrating the feast of Don Bosco.“This day helps us to reflect on what Don Bosco the father and founder of the Salesian community did, how he did it and why he did it. Don Bosco did all these for the young people to empower them and to give them life”, he narrated.

As part of the celebration, the feast day began with mass which was celebrated by Fr. Alexander Kim.

The feast continued with a quiz segment which saw ICT section defending the Don Bosco quiz title which they won last year during the same event.

During the Performance session, the staff members, various individual artistes and all the 8 sections presented themed songs, dances, drama and acts for the audience that filled the Savio Multipurpose hall. A performance by FAB section came out on top as it was voted as the best act of the day by the judges.

Prisca Chilowa, first year Hospitality Management student, was happy to be part of this memorable event.

“This is my first time to celebrate the feast of Don Bosco, it is an interesting event especially to see my fellow students showcasing various talents and all of us coming together to rejoice as a family”, Prisca said.

Despite the rains and power blackout which characterized the afternoon session, the Salesian community, the staff members, members of the past pupil trust, the students and the youths from nearby communities all took part in various party games organized for the grand feast.

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