8th September 2022 was an auspicious day at Don Bosco Youth Technical Institute as we celebrated the birthday of our energetic Principal Fr Michael Mbandama.  It was a joyful occasion where the Don Bosco family came together to wish Father Principal a very Happy Birthday and to share a snack.

The dignitaries present on the occasion were Father Peter Nguyen representing the Salesian community and Vice Principal, Mr. Chilupsya, representing the college.

Father Peter spoke on the occasion recognizing the principal for his positive influence in everyone’s life with good deeds.

“According to the Chinese calendar, Father Michael was born in the year of the rat (1972), people born in the Rat year are likable by all, they are smart, optimistic, energetic and they are sensitive to other’s emotions. Our Principal is liked wherever he goes, be it in the community, at the college   and at the church” he said.

Speaking on behalf of the staff members, the Vice Principal wished Father Michael good health and fulfillment of his desires in life.

“Our wish and prayer for you Father, is to live and see all your wishes come to pass in life”, he narrated.

As one way of showing their gratitude to their boss for his dedication, hard work and good vision towards the Don Bosco family, the staff members presented a gift to the Principal.

The students of Don Bosco also wished Father Principal a happy birthday through the words of appreciation. Mphatso Chisinga from Tailoring and Fashion Designing year one, thanked the Principal for all the good things he has done for the college and she wished him many more happy returns.

Father Michael expressed his joy and thankfulness for the wonderful organization of his birthday celebration. “I thank you all for your wishes, my wish today is that you will be generous to each other just as you have been generous to me”, he said. 

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