It’s barely a year since the bottom up budgeting system was introduced in the institute and now we see the management and staff of Don Bosco sitting again to make another budget, a second of its type. The members of staff listened attentively as the principal went through the philosophy of numbers, presumably it was not a complete black box for some staff members being not the first time such an activity was conducted in the institute.

In trying to be as democratic as possible, the outgoing Principal endeavored to make his explanations as clear and simple as possible so as to engineer informed contributions on the budget from the members of staff. This was done in the presence of the principal elect as he looked on attentively; this appeared as an initiation though.

Looking at this scenario, any discerning personality would extract from such a gesture a shared vision of the truth and not any kind of truth but Don Boscos’. Though the truth is one, it is perceived and realized through various means. So this sharing is not exclusive but inclusive, it’s beckoning others that “lets do it the Don Bosco way”.  A sharing of this kind can only spring from a self-disinterested figure that puts the mission of a society first and wants others to participate in realizing it.

The budget session continued on Friday, November 26, 2010 in which the financial officer/administrator guided the members of staff on how to go about preparing the 2011 sectional budgets. With few reactions/additions from the audience the session was closed to allow the sections prepare the budgets and meet for presentations the following Wednesday, December 1, 2010.

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