There was a meeting for Bosco members at Don Bosco Youth Technical College on 11th December, 2010.The main aim of the meeting was to evaluate 2010 programs as to what has been done throughout the year and future programms expected to be done. 

Bosco is an organization which offers sponsorship to needy students studying the following courses:

Information Communication Technology (ICT), Accountancy, Automobile Mechanics (AM), Carpentry and Joinery (CJ), Construction, Brick Laying (BL), Electrical Engineering Installation (EE), Fashion, Art and Beauty (FAB) and Hotel Catering and Management (HCM),however it also offers food and other necessities. This organization was started in 2009. Some of the people who attended the meeting were; Brother Walter, one of the Trustees of Bosco, Mrs. Banda (Executive member) Father Kim (Trustee of Bosco), Brother Joseph Nyondo (Executive member), Mr. Chinseu (Executive member), Miss Maria (Executive member) and students. The activities which took place on this day were; inspiration and thanks giving poems, songs, games, questionnaires and speeches. In her speech Mrs. Banda encouraged the students to work extra hard to achieve their intended goals. She also continued by saying that the Bosco students must be exemplary to other students by having good manners, working hard in their various courses and other college activities. In the speech of Josephy Chalendewa (one of the students) gave thanks to the Bosco Organisation for the good things it is providing to the students. He also asked the Bosco organisation to carry on supporting the students.

Lastly, all the Bosco members (students and executive members) had a fantastic lunch.

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