Past pupils of Don Bosco Lilongwe have honoured this year’s Don Bosco Feast by funding the College with an amount of MK50,000.00 towards the sporting activities namely; Football, Volleyball and Netball.

The Aim of the trophy is to motivate the current students to be active in sporting activities and to promote social and physical activities among them.

The games started enthusiasitically on 23rd January 2012. Looking at the big number of the students, the games have been divided into two pools baring the great Salesian Saints namely; Mazarello (IT combined with Carpently & Joinery), Michael Rua (Accountancy combined with Bricklaying), Dominc Savio (Automechanics combined with Fashion Arts & Beauty) and Raula Vicuna (Electrical combined with Catering & Hotel Management).

These teams are in two groups where GROUP A has MAzarello VS Michael Rua and GROUP B has Savio VS Vicuna. The games are scheduled on Wednesdays of 23rd January, 30th January 2013 and finals will take place on the feast of Don Bosco where trophies will be presented to the winners by the Past Pupils themselves.

Summary of the first part of the tounerment is as follows;

GROUP A (FOOTBALL) ended in penaulties (1-1)

  • Rua 6
  • Mazarello 5


  • Netball

Vicuna 12

Savio 5

  • Volleyball

Vicuna 3

Savio 1


The games are yet to continue next week wednesday 30th January 2013.


Congratulations to the winners!!!

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