Accountancy is a rewarding profession indeed, which prepares people for different careers at different levels, like certificate, diploma and foundation until one qualifies for a chartered Accountant.

Pursuing this profession, one may work as a taxation officer, a financial manager, an economist, an auditor or a business manager with a lot of competence in issues of commercial law, information system, and many more.

Accounting is mainly categorized into two main broad areas which are, Managerial Accounting that prepares accountants for managerial decision making processes. While the other category is Financial Accounting which centers itself at preparation of Accounts for external use e.g. investors and would be investors, mainly this is on historical basis.

It must be noticed that business would not do without the service of an accountant; the practice has it that every organization requires a good number of accounting personnel to provide checks and balances and promote transparency as far as finances are concerned.

There are a number of institutions in Malawi and across the globe that are offering Accountancy  courses, for instance the University of Malawi, the catholic University, Malawi College of Accountancy and of course the Don Bosco Youth Technical Institute which happens to be the public Accountants examination council of Malawi examination centre in the central region.

The main examining board in Malawi minus those pursuing degree programs at the university is Public Accountant Examination Council of Malawi and Association of Certified Chartered Accountants abbreviated as PAEC and ACCA respectively. Both administer exams twice each year in a series of June and December.

Currently the PAEC examinations have just started and it is quite promising to see an increasing number of students flocking to Don Bosco College to sit for their June series examinations that creates investors confidence, in that they are assured of proper management of their finances. PAEC set exams that will make an individual to be credible at work once certified, and that is why if one holds the PAEC certificate the industry does not hesitate to employ that person.

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