On Saturday, 17th January, 2014 Students from colleges around Lilongwe were brought to Malawi National Library Service – Lilongwe – Headquarters to Celebrate John Chilembwe and Dr. Martin Luther king’s Day to honor contributions and achievements of their civil rights struggle.

America celebrates Dr. Martin Luther king’s Day every January to honor the contributions and achievements of Martin Luther civil rights struggle.
The function targeted the youth and it included live musical performance by Malawian and American artists based in the country, discussions and documentaries on a big screen.

There were questions like; “What is your dream?”

Some of the answers from the young people included;
– To make sure that everyone is heard despite their culture, age, sex…
– I would like to become the second female president of Malawi…
– To become a “megaphone” of the minorities…
– To bringing people of all races together..

In addition there was Debate about contributions and achievements of Reverend John Chilembwe and Martin Luther King civil rights struggle. Audience was divided into two groups and later presented their motions through representatives.

The event was organized by US Embassy Public Affairs Section.

The event in Pix


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