At 9:00am, on 15th of February 2014, parents for the first year students at Don Bosco College gathered to hear about the College’s activities and program. There were over 200 parents and guardians present on the day.


 The meeting started with the prayer by Bro. Robert Malusa. The director of ceremonies and head of Engineering Section, Mr. Moses Banda invited Fr. Michael for opening remarks. In his remarks, the Principal welcomed all parents and guardians and thanked them for coming to the meeting. He took the opportunity to inform all parents that he would be leaving for a meeting in Rome for two months and that in his absence, Bro. Robert will be acting.

 Mr. Ken Mlima, the Head of Academics talked about the academic procedures. He read all the rules and regulations for the school. Later the Public Relations Officer, Mr. Joseph Phelatu took over with the school program and activities. Then Mr. Patrick Masala came in with the issues regarding tuition and examination fees.

 After all the inputs, parents and guardians were given chance to ask questions. Finally one parent was given time to speak on behalf of all parents. In his remarks he thanked the management for the particular way of running the college which is very different from all other colleges in Malawi. He further requested the management to upgrade the teachers so as to allow the students get even higher qualifications.

 The meeting ended at 12:00 noon with the prayer by one of the parents. Later parents were taken to see various classrooms and workshops where students learn.

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