(ON 8th MARCH, 2014)

The Don Bosco teams arrived at Lilongwe Teachers Training College at around 2 pm. The morale was high and songs of praising their teams could be heard from a distance as the students were coming out of the buses.

Netball Team                                                               Volleyball Team

The first games to be played were Netball and Volleyball. The teams looked energetic and promising as most of their Stars were present. The volleyball team led by their captain Blessing “Tseto” Nyekanyeka, played to their best. After last set, the home team, Lilongwe TTC won 4-3. As the Volleyball team was struggling to have points, the Netball team was playing a heavily tight game with the home team. It was difficult to predict the team that would carry the day. The home supporters tried to humiliate the visitors but the style of play of Don Bosco Netball team was outstanding. At the end of game, Lilongwe Teachers college won with 26 baskets to 21.

Football Team

After volleyball and Netball games, all focus was on the much anticipated game, football. The teams came out of their dressing camps at around 3 pm. Don Bosco in sky blue shirts and blue shorts while LL TTC in Yellow shirts and red shorts. The LL TTC football pitch was full to its capacity having both visiting (Don Bosco) and the home supporters chanting songs of morale. The game started at 3:15 pm at a high note, both teams had few shots on the goal. Don Bosco capitalized the game having a possession of 55%. The first half ended 0-0, at 55 minutes Don Bosco scored through their striker Madalitso, making 1-0. Don Bosco team commanded the game with 60% possession in the first 30 minutes of the second half. At exactly 72 minutes, Captain Azalious “Maziko” Phiri scored a second goal. It didn’t take a long time for the home team to reduce the goal difference at 80 minutes to make it 2-1. As the visiting fans were singing songs of jubilation, thinking that they have won the game, that’s when the home team scored the equalizing goal.

At the end of the day, it ended;

Football: Don Bosco 2 – 2 Lilongwe TTC

Netball: Don Bosco 21 – 26 Lilongwe TTC

Volleyball: Don Bosco 3-4 Lilongwe TTC

Story by: Paul Thaulo

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