Don Bosco Elects New Students Council Executive

It became a hot contention when the days drew closer towards the elections date. The battle for the hot seats reached at the peak when the debate club conducted a Presidential debate on 19th March, 2014 in the Don Bosco Youth Centre multipurpose hall.  The hall was jam-packed and the aspiring presidential candidates took their seats at around 2 pm. Each section had a representative except Hotel and Catering Management section.

left to Right: Beatrice Kachedzula, Robert Masankhula, Debra Chirwa, McBen Mailosi, Neves Kachigamba, Natasha Mhone (Presidential Aspirants during debate)

The debate had three sections. Firstly, the candidates were asked questions by the debate club members, then the audience (students gathered in the hall) then lastly the instructors. It was exciting to see how candidates were expressing their views on the general issues as they were responding to the questions. Some of the hot issue includes; sanitation and punctuality. Surely the debate was the right opportunity for the candidates to expose their leadership capabilities.  The debate gave the students to know whom to vote on the elections day. It was really an issue-based campaign and students were satisfied with the way the debate was conducted.

On elections day, final preparations were done in time. Each section had an electoral observer (student). The elections started at around 12:15 pm and finished at around 1:00 pm. The vote counting commenced just after elections. It took almost 2 hours for the counting to be done.

On Monday 24th March 2014, during the morning assembly, the Chief Commissioner, Mr. Paul Thaulo announced the results as follows:

PRESIDENT: Beatrice Kachedzula

VICE PRESIDENT: Robert Masankhula

SECRETARY: Fabiano Nyirenda



The elections were declared FREE and FAIR by the Don Bosco Electoral Commission and Electoral observers as well as the School management.

By  Paul Thaulo.

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