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Do not try to be too smart with the Divine and attempt to fool Him (GOD). Most of our prayers and rituals are just attempts to trick the Divine. You try to give the least and get the most out of the Divine and He (God) knows this.

God can be likened to a businessman. He will trick you even more. If you go underneath the carpet to find Him, He will go under the floor.

I`ve found this to be a common erroneous notion among we the students of Don Bosco that we tend to deliberately misunderstand the paramount importance of the feasts we celebrate. Let me use the possible strongest language that the upcoming feast is not just there for us so that we should just eat and drink and then off we go, No.. The feast is a pivot in our lives.

As the youths, let us regard the Mary Help Of Christian`s Feast as a pivot because at every stage of the growth of the Christian church, young people have played a pivotal role in its propagation and consolidation. We have the bounty of being youths at this unique time in history. Like the generation before us— (Dominic Savio, Laura Vikunya we must seize the opportunities that the hour hath struck upon us. These are the years during which the Christian community must make a significant advance in the process of transforming our societies and our ways of thinking. It is imperative that we take up our responsibilities to lead not only our peers but all people towards the world’s civilization.

If we are to follow the characters of all the saints before us, we can, indeed agree that the chief reason for all the evils now rampant in our societies is the lack of spirituality. The materialistic style of our life has so much absorbed the energy and interest of mankind that people in general do no longer feel the necessity of raising themselves above the forces and conditions of their daily material existence. We lack those sufficient demands for things that we should call spiritual to differentiate us from the needs and requirements of our Physical existence.

All this is now happening because we are not in that right channel whereby we can acquire some of Gods attributes and perfections. All the young saints possessed the highest degrees of Gods perfection. In the other way round, the wish of all the saints was to teach us to be ready to sacrifice our lives for one another (just as what Don Bosco did to us) to prefer the general well-being of our personal well-being.

“How I wish I was there in the days of the polish blessed martyrs like Edward Klinik, Edward Kazmierski, Czelaw Joziwak and Jarogniew Wojciechowski who at the end preserved their until they were martyred in the concentrated camps”

The field is indeed so immense, the period so critical, the cause so great, the workers so few, the time so short, the privilege so priceless, that no follower of the Christian community can afford a moment’s hesitation.

Ooooh, my final years to stay at Don Bosco are fast approaching. No regrets, I will leave the premises with one out of the many lessons I’ve learnt:” There is no time to loose, no room left for vacillation”

Author: M`mpumulo-wa-mumtima Massa –IT 3