Don Bosco Youth Technical Institute in partnership with IICD of the Netherlands are set to bring a new age where learning and teaching is digital. In a new project, Don Bosco and IICD have introduced state-of-the-art hand-held computers that will shape teachers in primary schools and pupils into a generation that ably fit into the ever-growing digital information world.

Tsabango 1 Primary School is the first beneficiary primary school in Lilongwe rural east. The school officially received 10 TeachTabs [tablet computers for the teachers] and 30 LearnTabs [tablet computers for the learners].

“Tsabango pupils, teachers and the community around are the luckiest,” remarked the head teacher for the school Mr Christford Kadzipatira in his welcome remarks while reminiscing his primary and secondary school days as well as college days when they never had access to such sophisticated gadgets to aid their education.

To echo what the IICD Technical Advisor Solutions and Inovations Maurizio Bricola said; the project coordinator Patrick Muhime, expressed contentment as the tablets will add excitement and fun to the learning process. He also invited all teachers at the school, pupils and people from the community to take part in ensuring total security of the gadgets so that many pupils may benefit from such a project.

The TeachTabs for the teachers are installed with all necessary tools for teaching as well as monitoring and control tools which will help them see what the pupils are doing without physically checking on pupils’ LearnTabs. Currently, teachers at Tsabango 1 primary school are set to start trainings which will be conducted by Don Bosco Youth Technical Institute in order to enable them ably handle the versatile devices in a class session.

exploring the LearnTabexcitement with the LearnTab

already getting excited with the LearnTabs

teachers' survey5

teachers' survey1teachers' survey2

teachers' survey3teachers' survey4

tsabango 1 teachers taking an online survey before training starts

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