The bible says in Proverbs that when a man finds a woman, he has found a good thing and obtains favour from God. For this wealthy scripture to be written it’s because love exists, and it’s not just love but greater love that cause miracles to happen. For lack of proper understanding, man concluded that love is blind, if it is so then marriage is the eye opener.

September 17, 2014 the college remembered the days for Mr and Mrs Alfonso and Mr and Mrs Bicknoss’ weddings who officially had married on 30th August 2014 and 6th September 2014 respectively.  Fr. Michael Mbandama celebrated mass in honour of the two couples and officially welcomed the two families into the big but lovely family of Don Bosco. During mass, Fr Michael offered pieces of advice to the newly weds as well as encouragement to those that still are searching.

Soon after the mass was ended, a beautiful bridal party entered the multipurpose hall lead by the stick boy [Mr Isaac Banda] in a black suit and too long a stick like nobody has ever seen and the flower girl [Madam Monique Mwansa] in a pink dress walked right behind the stick boy. Then there was the gorgeously dressed and dancing bridal party of all staff members and the two beautiful couples sending all shocks of life to the audience with their dancing antics as DJ Africano did justice to his job.

The master of ceremony Mr. Mau Msamathe Mphonde Banda shouted “a double wedding celebration!” and the whole crowd resonated with him. Mr Kananji and Mrs Mkandawire represented parents for the two handsome men, Francis and Haswell while Mr Boniface and Madam Mphatso represented parents of the two angels Maggie and Enia.

Fun and more fun was the experience of the day as staff and students did perekani perekani and danced together, and had photo sessions with the two couples and then a round of drinks was served to all.

Before all came to an end, a question was posed to the two couples by Mr Joe Phelatu, “How did you meet? And what made you fall for her/him?” Haswell answered first, “I was a neighbor to Enia, we became friends and the friendship grew to an extent that we could not contend and I must admit, Enia has been so kind and loving to me.” Enia was second, “I have always loved looking into Haswell’s eyes I have never seen such lovely eyes anywhere else.” Francis, “I was trained in Don Bosco, I enjoyed celebrating weddings as a student and was motivated that I found a well-mannered and beautiful Maggie just as others did.” Maggie, “Francis is quiet, humble, Loves the Lord and I fell for him.”

Why marry when getting married is a multitude of challenges? If marriage is a CHALLENGE then it does good to those that enter it as it is believed that challenges make us grow in the mind since we begin to reason for the other before final decision.

William Shakespeare once said, “they do not love that do not show their love” and it is our wish that the two couples will show their love to each other and as WRITERS CLUB MEMBERS we say, “be like a postage stamp, stick to it until you get there.” We wish the two couples all the best and long lives together in marriage.

By Writers Club